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The Highest Frontier

The Highest Frontier

“I love, love, love this book! Fantastic worldbuilding, with just enough familiarity with our own world to make it believable.” Stacey Tobin, Goodreads

“If you’re looking for a fantastic science fiction novel that will appeal to both teens and young adults (and up) The Highest Frontier by Joan Slonczewski is a novel written just for you!” Douglas Cobb, BSC Kids

“The characters in The Highest Frontier, from Jenny’s very political family to her professors and the coterie of students that Jenny hangs out with are memorable, quirky, and real.” Deirdre Murphy, Science Fiction and Other ODDysseys

“Slonczewski does a wonderful job projecting out current trends into a future that is terrifying and inspirational.” Virginia Beach Public Library Recommends

The Highest Frontier is always engaging but never baffling, and it exemplifies virtually everything I like about science fiction. I appreciated the Spanish woven in with the dialogue, and the very clever usage of familiar yet futuristic politics. I want to take pages and pages to discuss the ideas contained in this one novel, but I’ll restrain myself.  If you’re at all into science fiction, you have to put this book on your “Must Read” list.” Tiger Holland, All-Consuming Books

“There’s a worldwide communications system called Toy Box that makes the iPhone look like a Model-T Ford. . . . This delightfully brilliant novel has the future of Earth hanging in the balance.” Alan Cheuse, National Public Radio

“Slonczewski is a master juggler indeed, and The Highest Frontier is great science fiction.” Don Sakers, Analog

“She is genius, folks.  Slonczewski’s prose makes knowledge sing and technology dance.  The best piece of speculative fiction emerging in a year.” Dietmar Dath, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany’s largest international newspaper)

“Hard sf that recalls the joy of Heinlein, only here the science is more life science with computers. Like Phil Dick, the new ideas dazzle.” Theodore

“A tale dense with ideas . . . and characters that leap out of the page into full life. If this tale doesn’t win numerous awards, I will be quite shocked.” Henry Leon Lazarus, University City Review

“Unique characters, witty scientific and societal extrapolations, and a complex, mind-blowing setting make this sedately paced narrative a delightfully amusing read.” Publishers Weekly

“The Highest Frontier becomes a narrative that takes the experience of college and amplifies it, transforming a campus into a place where young minds have to use their privileged position to try and figure out how to save the world. Literally.” Indrapramit Das, Strange Horizons Reviews

The Highest Frontier is a stunning achievement and easily one of the best pure SF novels I’ve read this year. Some of its more controversial ideas are sure to spark some lively discussions, but even without this, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a science fiction novel with more innovative ideas, fascinating characters and thematic depth in 2011. I wouldn’t be surprised to see The Highest Frontier on the short list for many of the major awards next year.”  Stefan Raets, top-ranked Amazon review

“Jenny is a fantastic character; shorn of her twin brother through a catastrophe, she is a damaged, wounded figure, intelligent and fierce with a strong mind of her own but at the same time depressed and hurt.  Her development over the course of the novel is powerful and wonderful, and – as someone who recently went through the first year of university – true to life, as her friends and foes bring her out of herself.  The cast as a whole is indeed phenomenal; Slonczewski’s eye for the human detail of life is stunning and effective, and her sympathetic hand works really well.” Daniel Franklin, Libris Leonis

“Slonczewski envisages a future in which most diseases are conquered and biotechnology has harnessed infectious diseases to improve human health. HIV is no longer the agent of a lethal disease but has been transformed into “Human Improvement Vector” that protects from diseases such as cancer. Anthrax is now used to make cables strong enough to support a sky elevator to Frontera…. You should enjoy this book!” Barry Rosen, Microbe Magazine

The Highest Frontier is full of thought-provoking ideas about politics, social issues, and the environment. This book is very highly recommended.” Frank Branchini, Amazon review

“If you like your SF, chock full of eclectic characters and fascinating science futures, then you don’t want to miss The Highest Frontier.” Hilary Williamson, Bookloons

“Hugo candidate for sure!” John’s reviews, Goodreads

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