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Boskone Was Awesome

February 18, 2013


Sorry you couldn’t be there–but Boskone was awesome! Thanks to Laurie Mann and trusty volunteers, we had the best events I can remember.

Our panel “Breasts and Other Ways Animals Feed Their Young” was a runaway success, for young and old. Thanks to Priscilla Olson and Frank Wu, we learned amazing facts about marsupials with 25 breasts (How come the odd number? Arranged in a circle, of course) and wasps that tenderly package a cockroach for their beloved offspring.  And MUCH  more. We even speculated as to where the more than 700 types of breast bacteria come from, which breast milk provides to jump start the infant’s digestive community (hint: the loving father plays a role).

“Microbes Rule Your Brain” was quite a hit too–people were giggling even before it started, so I guess I’ve acquired a reputation…

See y’all at Readercon!

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