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Boskone 50

February 12, 2013

Looking forward to seeing you at the 50th Boskone!
Here is my schedule:

Friday Feb. 15
5:00pm Without Being a Token (QUILTBAG)

The term QUILTBAG tries to point to many areas on the sexuality continuum — queer or questioning, unisex, intersex, lesbian, transgender or transexual, bisexual, asexual or ally, and gay. How do QUILTBAG characters gain a full portrayal?
Julia Rios, moderator

Saturday Feb. 16
10:00am Energy From Space

Let’s talk about the possibilities — and practicalities — of really long-distance power transmission. Like those microwave beams in The Highest Frontier.  We’ll be talking real physics with Hal Clement Special Guest Jordin Kare.

12:00pm  Microbes Rule Your Brain!
You can’t escape–my annual adventure in the realms of how you’re really made of bacteria (with a virus or two thrown in). It looks more an more as if Brain Plague was right: the microbes keep us healthy–and out of the insane asylum.

3:00pm  Breasts and Other Ways Creatures Feed Their Young
Only mammals make milk, right? Well, no. Find out about some other groups that (believe it or not) also produce milk to feed their offspring. Additionally: milk is not the only way to nourish young critters. Nor is its only purpose to do this! (Hint: There are microbes…) We’ll explore these ideas, and tell you a lot more about biology and (weird?) parental care than your minds imagined when you saw the title…  With Frank Wu and Priscilla Olson

4:00pm Autographs

5:00pm Kaffeeklatch  — Your chance to ask all your own questions, and maybe suggest a blog post or two.

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  1. February 12, 2013 10:33 pm

    Have fun in Boston, Joan!

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