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Google Glasses to Brain Plague

April 6, 2012

So at last Google Glass invents what I came up with in Brain Plague–a virtual computer plugged into your eyes. Supposedly we’ll see computers in eyeglasses, even contact lenses, projecting data hovering around us. The initial prototypes look rather simplistic; but what happens when a virtual world surrounds us, superimposed on our own?  Perhaps we can even choose which parts to live in “real,” and which parts to take virtual?

To really reach Brain Plague, all we need next is the microbes to live inside and communicate electronically through our glasses. According to a Nature journal, bacteria might already be “conscious” enough to do that. Bacteria, they argue, are capable of “chemotaxis, signal transduction, quorum sensing and the formation of large morphologies,” and even “informed decisions.”  Furthermore, “Bacteria also communicate with each other in a variety of ways. Biofilm formation and quorum sensing lead to changes in bacterial behaviour when a quorum is reached, similarly to the behaviour of social insects. Self-identity and social recognition—that is, awareness of members of their own species—has also been observed.”

If bacteria really are capable of informed decisions, could somebody please send them over to the Supreme Court with some Google Glasses? And remind the justices to be aware that members of their own species need health care?

  1. Frank Caesar Branchini permalink
    April 6, 2012 6:14 pm

    Joan, I heard this on the radio the other day and I thought of Brain Plague. You are ahead of your time! This is really amazing.

  2. April 7, 2012 1:41 am

    This one gives me a chill also–the potential for marketing (or mind control–you say potato…) could make subliminal cues seem like a child’s yard-sale sign.
    And the whole virus potential is staggering–was it you that had the race of aliens that refused to speak with humans directly because their language was considered a dangerous meme unacceptable to civilized galactic citizens? And where will the line be drawn? How close to human thought will our binary interface have to connect to make a computer virus indistinguishable from a mind control enslavement–or a simple military jamming of the opponents’ consciousnesses?

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