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The Featured Creature

December 27, 2011

Feel free to continue our awesome deep discussion of five-eyed intelligence, the microbial test for a habitable planet, and how to prove a planet’s dead. Meanwhile, I’d like to highlight one of my favorite blogs out there, the Featured Creature. The Featured Creature presents the bizarrest, cutest, and most arbitrarily hilarious of animals and protists in the natural world.  Some of my favorites include Rudolph the red-nosed lantern bug, fluffy marshmallow bats, and the armadillo lizard.

What’s your favorite out-there product of creature evolution?

  1. December 28, 2011 7:18 pm

    Really cool site thx for the recommendation. The pygmea chameleon and the Blue Dragon nudibranch must be some of the most elegant creatures I ever saw.

  2. Tim Bergel permalink
    January 4, 2012 8:09 pm

    One of my favourite creatures is the orchid mantis – a praying mantis that has developed an extremely elegant colour scheme to help it ambush prey from among the petals of an orchid or other flowers.

    • January 4, 2012 8:29 pm

      You’re right, the orchid mantis is amazing. So many different kinds–and they each look like part of a flower! I think I’ll put that in my next book.

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