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Boskone Was Awesome

February 18, 2013


Sorry you couldn’t be there–but Boskone was awesome! Thanks to Laurie Mann and trusty volunteers, we had the best events I can remember.

Our panel “Breasts and Other Ways Animals Feed Their Young” was a runaway success, for young and old. Thanks to Priscilla Olson and Frank Wu, we learned amazing facts about marsupials with 25 breasts (How come the odd number? Arranged in a circle, of course) and wasps that tenderly package a cockroach for their beloved offspring.¬† And MUCH¬† more. We even speculated as to where the more than 700 types of breast bacteria come from, which breast milk provides to jump start the infant’s digestive community (hint: the loving father plays a role).

“Microbes Rule Your Brain” was quite a hit too–people were giggling even before it started, so I guess I’ve acquired a reputation…

See y’all at Readercon!

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